Desktop & Mobile Services

A comprehensive set of services for Desktop and Mobile management

Global approach on workplace lifecycle


Smart Workplace


Understand Windows 10 key features, servicing model, security enhancements and identify recommendations in customer’s environment

  • Windows 10 presentation
  • Recommendations summary

CHF 4,500


Discover +

Evaluate and identify potential compatibility issues. Learn and embrace modern lifecycle policy.

  • Assessment and lifecycle methodology

CHF 8,500


Consider +

Understand deployment scenarios and identify target solution. Discover solution on a test environment.

  • Solution architecture description
  • Deployment best practices

CHF 12,500


Evaluate +

Deep dive in Windows 10 lifecycle strategy and management solutions. Build your  lifecycle processes on a test environment.

  • Solution architecture description
  • Release plan for next 3 years

CHF 15,000


On demand migration service. Migrate to Windows 10 using In-place upgrade scenario. Available for Windows 7,8.0,8.1

  • Pre-Upgrade validation
  • In-place upgrade
  • First startup validation

CHF 1,500 + CHF 200 per device


Managed solution for standardized OS deployment process. Solution hosted by Sword on a dedicated container or built in your own infrastructure. Options available on demand.

  • Solution requirement, integration & validation
  • Post migration validation

CHF 3,000 + options + 250 CHF per device


Customizable deployment solution. Configurable options ( clients settings, drivers, applications…). Maintenance service available on demand.

  • SOE definition
  • Architecture design
  • Solution integration & validation, training

CHF 7,500 + options + CHF 350 per device


Integrated solution for OS, applications,  desktop & mobile devices management. Automation with cloud & On-prem integration. Reporting and compliance dashboard.

  • Solution design, build and deployment
  • Remote management & maintenance available

On demand

Health Monitoring

Gain visibility on your environment. Track changes and monitor health of your devices.

  • Solution setup
  • Automatic alert
  • Compliance dashboard
  • Monthly report

CHF 3,000 / year + CHF 20 per device/month

Workplace Management

Global management solution including software and update deployment, for both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Std patch mgmt. process
  • Packaging CHF 500 per application / 250CHF for change request

CHF 115 per device/month

Agile Servicing

Monitor, test and validate next Windows release for your environment.

  • Pre-Upgrade validation
  • Upgrade report
  • Remediation : on demand

CHF 3,000 per environment/year

Flexible Support

End-Users incidents resolution bases on standard operating procedures. Skilled & Microsoft Certified Team. 24×7 support (on demand).

  • Self-service ticketing
  • Coordination and Reporting
  • Problem and change management as options

CHF 1,500 + CHF 20 per incident