Change Management

To remain competitive, a company, in the current rapidly changing environment, must be able to transform and innovate. IT projects are by definition at the heart of a company’s innovation and when incorporated, cause a radical change in business operations and a modification in user habits. The human factor thus constitutes the main cause of failure in this type of project.

Change management consists of anticipating risks, defining and implementing a process towards a solution in the best possible conditions. A threefold process generally covers change management.

  • participation: involve users right at the beginning of the project in order to take their opinions on board and to ensure that the end product meets their expectations;
  • communication: set up a communication plan enabling company participants, throughout the project, to understand and accept coming changes as well as being kept up to date with the project’s progress;
  • training: ensure that users have acquired the necessary theoretical and practical know-how.

The involvement and participation of employees in the process is key to success, Change management does not merely come down to training and raising awareness.