Our expertise

Do you wish to delegate out the management of all or part of your infrastructure?

From the many technical offers available we draw up the infrastructure most adapted both to your expectations and your budget, notably from among “Cloud Computing” solutions in conjunction with our hosting and materials partners, along with centralised management, whether it be on your local or on remote infrastructure.

We further ensure both the day-to-day running and development of the infrastructure, We also provide a user support service.

Our full management solution programme for your infrastructure means you can:

  • access your applications from a desktop, laptop, tablet, from wherever you wish, via a simple internet connection;
  • draw upon secured, adaptable and upgradable infrastructure adapted to technological advances and to your organisation;
  • limit investment and control costs directly linked to the number of users;
  • leave us to deal with issues linked to your IT system, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

Delegating the running of your infrastructure will allow you to concentrate on your company’s needs whilst at the same time maintaining control of you infrastructure’s life cycle.

Identity management

Identity and access management play a major role in the management of infrastructure. Linked with processes, technologies and numerical identity management strategies, its particular use in accessibility to resources means that it is of critical importance.

Access and identity management processes generally tend to be more complex than most other IT projects principally because of the quantity and diversity of the identity storage, protocols, encryption systems, strategies and ruling entities which are called upon. A comprehensive identity strategy can significantly reduce the time and effort required in numerical identity management over a wide-area network with the application of norms, the reduction of identity storage, the setting up of approvals, the delegating out of administration as well as familiarising users with authentication, all the while strengthening security.

It is essential that your company should clearly understand the specific advantages brought about by improved access and identity management plans. Without this foresight, you run the risk of overcomplicating the procedure and restricting system manoeuvrability without any tangible improvement.

When assessing potential benefits, Sword Technologies takes into account what is at stake when implementing a particular technological strategy. A balance must be found between the benefits expected and the size and complexity of the solution provided.

Drawing on our past experience and success stories, Sword Technologies will be at your side to find the optimal approach to identity management within your organisation.


To offer quality service to users, the network is an essential element. However, user mobility is an ever-increasing source of frustration. Sword Technologies pursues a multi-level approach. We manage through environment teams and work with our partners on environments that require specific technology. We have special partners with whom we have developed close relations, always at the cutting edge technologically and in close proximity with our clients.

  • WAN
  • SAN
  • VOIP


In this period of high mobility, it is essential that employees should be able to benefit from the same business services as the general-public services which are at their disposal.

How can service, security and availability be maintained at a high level? Our messaging experts will find the most suitable solution to your requirements within the framework of your cost-reduction plan.

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Office 365
  • Kerio mail

Unified Communication

Permanent accessibility is essential. Sword Technologies will support you in all your communication projects, and places at your disposal its leading experts to convert your wishes into reality.

  • Lync
  • Skype for Business
  • Cisco Phone
  • Swisscom Voice
  • People Phone
  • Interoute


Virtualisation is centralised management of shared resources (processor, memory, hard drive, network cards, video, …) over a single interface. Thanks to material or software techniques, several operating systems and applications can run on a single computer/server as if running on distinct computers. Companies can simultaneously run several operating systems and applications from the same computer/server in total security in order to increase the use and flexibility of the material. Return on investment is much quicker than with classical infrastructure.