Azure migration

Who we are

We are a team of Azure experts available to assist your company in designing and innitiating its cloud journey to Microsoft Azure.

We provide a deep knowledge in setting up Azure hosted solutions in highly regulated environment such as Banking industry or Healthcare. Our experts also assist Independent Software Vendor (ISV) in upgrading their business while migrating their services to Azure.

What we do

We are here to help planning and migrating to the cloud with fully managed services to optimize and secure your environments.

We provide our customers with transition from an on-premises centralized IT infrastructures to cloud-based productivity workloads, applications, and/or hybrid scenarios on Azure.

Sword is used to accompany his clients in this journey in order to better manage cloud
transformations of their infrastructure with adapted and iterative methodology, Cloud Adoption Framework enterprise-scale landing zone.

How we deliver it

At first, any Cloud migrations start with our packaged cloud assessement


Conduct the engagement kickoff presentation

During the kickoff we will conduct an engagement presentation, planning activities, the project scope, schedule and understanding your current environments, dependencies and key business objectives and constraints.


Azure Discovery

Get a solid understanding of Microsoft Azure services including governance model, cost and subscriptions management, security, compliance, network, storage, virtual machines and to provide you with the hands-on experience that will enable faster value realization of Microsoft Azure platform for your organization.


Infrastructures Assessment

During this phase we deploy the Azure Migrate tools and agent in your environments, perform a first scan to assess your infrastructures environments, workloads, and applications. This will help understand what you have, how workloads are being used, at what capacity, when and where peaks of use occur.


Data Analysis

Create infrastructure maps based on app dependency and performance, suggest the most economical and sufficient resource VM and storage for your workloads. Conduct technical workshops with application owner to understand the impacts, dependencies and limitations.


Migration Strategy

Analyze the collected data, applications and workloads to help you choose the best strategy for your organization needs. Estimate cost of workload running in Azure and the potential cost optimizations. Provide cloud migration strategy and plan.


Conduct the engagement closeout
presentation and final report

Present final results, reports and guidance during the closeout presentation. Conduct a gap discussion on analysis and the migration strategy plan covered in the engagement. Prepare for what’s next step on your journey to Azure.

According to the ouputs of this assessment phase, our experts will assist you in defining the architecture and the landing zone.
Then we will migrate the workloads and propose continuous optimization


Cloud Foundations

Design and Strategy

Define target architecture, design landing zones, governance, along with considerations for scalability, availability, and security, business continuity, disaster recovery.


Cloud Enablement
Cloud Migration

Landing Zone / Migration

Build landing zones for successful migrations. Shutting down obsolete business applications. Lift-and-shift migration, re-platform, or new deployment of workloads.


Cloud Optimization


Resources optimization, consolidation, reduce your overall Azure spend, continue right-sizing of migrated workloads for an improved value and accelerate cloud migration.