ISV onboarding to Azure

Who we are

A team of IT experts and business analysts highly skilled to assist the ISV (Independent Software Vendor) in making their business successful using properly the power of Microsoft Azure.

We have a strong knowledge of the Microsoft Azure capabilities in addition to a Business analysts' team able to analyze and advice our clients in their strategy.

What we do

We assist ISV in making the correct decisions while choosing their hosting partner or while optimizing and improving an already existing platform on Azure.

We work with them in:

Analysing their business needs
Building their IT and data architecture
Assessing data prior to migration
Modernizing legacy applications and migrating them to the cloud
Proposing Migration services

How we deliver it

We follow a structured approach to deliver to the ISV the proper Azure set up, governance and operational model. The goal is to maximize the strength of the Azure cloud in order to allow them to focus in upgrading their business with the proper partners and solutions.

The main steps of the journey are:

Environment assessment & Workshop IT or Business
Best scenarios design (Ressources cloud natives)
Definition of technical architecture (Iaas to Paas)
Containerization & Governance
Application modernization - Adapted & iterative methodology design (Azure Setup & Sword Devops)
Training material, for administrators & end users, conception
Onboarding - Go Live !

At a glance: