Training and Change management

Who we are

A team of senior consultants who are used to working with leaders, projects sponsors, technical teams and end users with a pragmatic approach based on functional and technical skills and a deep knowledge in digital work tools (360 ° vision)

What we do

We help projects sponsors to promote the “new ways of working” by gathering and analysing information, proposing strategy, preparing implementation and achieving the best results.

We work with client team members on:

Understanding the culture of the company by listening to people (C suite, employees, technical).

Proposing a strategy and onboarding scenarios.

Promoting the value proposition and preparing a better user experience.

Sharing experiences around new behaviours.

How we deliver it

Our daily focus is on proposing the best strategy through fieldwork experience to improve collaboration and efficiency across the organisation within the fastest timeframe.

Support documents, use cases.

Onboarding sessions.

Key user interviews and training.

Workshop preparation and facilitation.

Analytics & Follow-up sessions.