Identity management

Identity management

Identity and access management play a major role in the management of infrastructure. Linked with processes, technologies and numerical identity management strategies, its particular use in accessibility to resources means that it is of critical importance.

Access and identity management processes generally tend to be more complex than most other IT projects principally because of the quantity and diversity of the identity storage, protocols, encryption systems, strategies and ruling entities which are called upon. A comprehensive identity strategy can significantly reduce the time and effort required in numerical identity management over a wide-area network with the application of norms, the reduction of identity storage, the setting up of approvals, the delegating out of administration as well as familiarising users with authentication, all the while strengthening security.

It is essential that your company should clearly understand the specific advantages brought about by improved access and identity management plans. Without this foresight, you run the risk of overcomplicating the procedure and restricting system manoeuvrability without any tangible improvement.

When assessing potential benefits, Sword Technologies takes into account what is at stake when implementing a particular technological strategy. A balance must be found between the benefits expected and the size and complexity of the solution provided.

Drawing on our past experience and success stories, Sword Technologies will be at your side to find the optimal approach to identity management within your organisation.