Design, deployment and end-to-end support of an information system

Activity: intetnational finance company setting up its holding operation in switzerland

Start-to-finish information system design, deployment and support project

Sword Technologies was commissioned to determine the server as well as client IT architecture. The latter was then rolled out, made available to users and is now operated and supported directly by Sword Technologies.

Within this project, Sword Technologies has carried out:

  • A needs study and guidance towards the most appropriate functional, technical and financial solutions in collaboration with the client’s IT teams based in a branch office abroad
  • The configuration of IT architecture consistent with the requirements and constraints as expressed by the client
  • The deployment of client and server infrastructure (preparation of premises, server rooms, client stations, IT, telephones etc.), both on premises and hosted in a IaaS environment with one of our partners
  • Data migration from the existing client environment and its integration in the new infrastructure
  • System launch and user reception
  • The operation and maintenance of rolled-out platforms as well as user support

Within this start-to-finish IT project, Sword Technologies was responsible for the implementation of all agreements with various suppliers: hosting, connectivity, telephony, providing material.