Deployment of Windows 10 in around fifteen schools

Activity : Education

Professional objectives

  • Enable Windows 10 deployment in all 15 establishments under management (5,500 stations)
  • Enable Windows 10 deployment and ensure provision of Builds (Feature Updates) to all stations
  • Supply workstation, application-deployment and update-management installation services throughout all remote sites

Implementation solution

  • Analysis of current environments to establish target infrastructure and the changes to be made within each establishment
  • SSCM infrastructure deployment : 1 primary server and 4 distribution points
  • Implementation of OS-deployment and application services, update management
  • Implementation of a task-deployment sequence across all Core, « New Station » and « Reinstallation » scenario applications

Results obtained

  • Integration of (30) application deployments
  • Integration of Quality Updates deployment cycles
  • Windows 10 version 1803 deployment ongoing (150 stations deployed)