Preparing for the transition to Windows 10

Activity : NGO

Professional objectives

  • Prepare transition to Windows 10 replacing current deployment infrastructure (XenWorks) with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
  • Ensure provision of Builds (Feature Updates) to all stations (3600 stations)
  • Supply workstation, application-deployment and update-management installationservices throughout all remote sites
  • Increase work-station security
  • Adapt processes to the new Windows 10 life cycle

Implementation solution

  • Analysis of current environment to establish working needs
  • Definition of target SCCM infrastructure
  • Infrastructure deployment
  • OS and application deployment service implementation, update management
  • Implementation of a task-deployment sequence across all Core, « New Station » scenario applications
  • Deployment of the Microsoft Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) solution
  • Support with change to and definition of new life-cycle processes

Resultats Obtained

  • SCCM Infrastructure deployed: 1 primary server
  • Deployment of test-phase Windows version 1803
  • Integration of application deployment and self-service portal
  • Integration of Quality Updates deployment cycles
  • Replacement of station numbering method in test phase (transition Mcafee Drive encryption to Bitlocker/MBAM)

MBAM Architecture